Technologies aimed at packaging applications

KraussMaffei enjoys a great deal of customer portfolio in the market owing to its technologies peculiar to the packaging industry. KraussMaffei is still the leading brand of the industry thanks to its wide range of machines capable of meeting requirements and special conditions of the said industry at the highest level. Multinject technology opens up new possibilities at packaging sector in manufacturing injection molded components—whether through form, color or function. KraussMaffei has been working with this technology since 1963 and offers a complete range of solutions for implementing multicomponent applications. We can supply a complete package—including multicomponent mold technology and extensive processing expertise—and can guarantee the perfect interaction of individual system components. This makes multicomponent injection molding an easily manageable standard for you.

KraussMaffei offers innovative production solutions, combining reliable machine designs with innovative technology. In addition to a global network of mould manufacturers and peripheral unit suppliers, solutions offered by KraussMaffei are based on the unique machinery technology of the company.

Fully electric PX, the new series by KraussMaffei, is capable of being integrated with all machines and robots owing to its fast and precise IML technology. PX comes with high speed of injection and more flexibility to choose the correct injection speed in comparison to its rivals.

  • PX series: These machines with a closing force from 50 tons to 200 tons are optimal machines, especially for manufacturing of packaging and technical parts.
  • MX series: These machines with a closing force up to 5.500 tons are the largest fast machines available on the market
  • CX series: Thanks to two-platen technology, the machines of the CX series are readily accessible and very compact. They are available in small (350 to 1600 kN) and medium clamping forces (2000 to 6500 kN).
  • GX series: These machines which are at the segment of middle closing force of 400 to 900 tons are the world’s fastest systems containing dual plates.


Perfect accesses for frequent mould replacements offer flexibility due to analogy of linear guide and pressure plate, even when heavy moulds are involved. Low unit cost is of paramount importance for production of packaging materials. Products that are part of the PX series are optimal for such purpose. KraussMaffei Automation offers functions such as rapid removal from mould and separation for optional supporting processes such as intra-mould labeling, attaching of RFID labels, etc. Transaction cycles are short due to fast machine dynamics and the shortest dry cycle periods.