7X Line: BIG and flexible

The new generation of high-capacity Sepro robots.

A line of high-performance, multipurpose 5-axis robots for managing complex universal applications


The 7X Line of 5-axis robots offers the ideal combination of Sepro new generation high-capacity 3-axis linear robots and Stäubli 2-axis digital rotation.

These are precise, flexible robots capable of extracting and loading technically complex parts into the mold or IMM peripherals.

The Visual 3 control features full functionality for operating the 7X Line of robots.

  • SLS (Sepro Linear System) guiding systems with cam follower rails on the beam and vertical arm

    Powerful servo motors and smart vibration-suppressing software

    Compact, telescoping vertical arm

    Stäubli digital rotation

    Compact and precise

    High load capacity: Up to 100 kg

    Y-axis free movement for supporting and transferring parts as they are ejected from the mold

    Trajectory monitoring function comes standard, with Visual 3

    Transversal or axial configuration (customer’s choice)

    Minimal preventive maintenance (annual)

  • Visual 3

    The Visual 3 control system is adapted for complex applications where several peripherals must be managed and it may include more than two 16I/16O boards.

  •   7X-100 XL 7X-45 7X-55
    Mold clamping force - Indication (T) 2300-5000 700 - 1300 1200 - 2500
    Mold clamping force - Indication (US tons)   772 - 1433 1323 - 2756
    VISUAL 3 control system standart standart standart
    Horizontal stroke - Can be adapted by 500 mm steps(mm)               4000-10000 3000 - 10000 3500 - 10000
    Demold stroke - Transverse layout (mm) 2000 1100 1500 - 1700 (LD)
    Vertical telescopic arm 3200 2200 2500 - 3000 (LV)
    Vertical stroke - Telescopic arm (mm) 200 2200 2500 - 3000 (LV)
    Maximum load (parts + EOAT) (kg) 100 40 60
    R1 servo rotation (0 -180°) + R2 (0-270°) standart standart standart
    Part grip - Vacuum and/or pressure circuit 1 1 1
    Digital vacuum switch option option option
    Floor-standing control cabinet standart standart standart
    Long Demolding Version - Transversal layout - option option option
    Long Vertical Version - option option option
    Vertical telescopic compact arm option option option
  • Complex universal unloading applications for ejected parts

    Post processing of parts