More multicomponent parts – thanks to SpinForm and TwinForm

Multicomponent technology opens up new possibilities for manufacturing injection molded components. KraussMaffei offers numerous solutions for this with Multinject. The reversing plate technology was introduced with SpinForm to confront the increasing pressure to reduce production costs in this branch of industry and implement a significant increase in cost-efficiency for multicomponent injection molding. With this, you double your output of multicomponent parts compared to turntable molds at the same clamping force. With TwinForm, KraussMaffei created a solution with a special multi-daylight mold that also ensures noticeably higher production.

Your benefits;

  • Multinject offers an increase in cost-efficiency
  • SpinForm doubles output of multicomponent parts
  • TwinForm saves installation area and reduces energy consumption

Both the CX series for small to mid-size clamping forces and the MX heavy machinery series offer the ideal foundation for an effective SpinForm concept. It is always based on a standard machine with extended machine bed, extended tiebars, two opposite injection units and a cantilevered spin unit with optional middle platen that sits on a movable sliding table between the clamping platens. This concept works extremely accurately, eliminates tipping even in the case of heavy cube molds and provides the precision required for complex compression processes.

 SpinForm Technology

For the MX series, the moving clamping platen is reliably supported on the machine bed during movement by solid and adjustable sliding shoes with columns and lateral guides. For the CX series, linear precision guides take over the task. These form a solid counter bearing for any tilting moment since, even at the maximum opening width of the clamping unit, the columns do not extend out of the guide bushings of the moving clamping platen. Large distances between guide bearings guarantee that even the heaviest molds remain absolutely parallel as they open and close.

The platens have been optimized using the finite element method (FEM). They ensure optimal application of force and minimal deformation for large molds as well. The platens' rugged construction ensures that there is no deflection, even under load. This minimizes stress and wear on the mold and on moving mold parts. Thanks to the two-platen system and the cantilever spin unit, automation solutions can be quickly and easily linked—perfect for linear robots. The guides and the spin unit are centrally lubricated. Automatic lubrication cycles are easily determined via the MC5 control system. This increases availability.

Standard molds additionally increase flexibility

The TwinForm procedure is suited for KrausMaffei C and MX series injection molding machines. For the C series, a mobile sliding table, which is driven hydraulically or with racks, is integrated into the machine bed. For the MX series, the mobile vertical middle platen is fastened directly on the machine bed. Two identically designed or different standard molds are fastened on this middle platen and consequently join together to function as a multi-daylight mold. As with classic daylight molds, only the clamping force for one stack is required if the outlines lie on top of each other congruently.

The technical special features are that an extended clamping unit with an enlarged opening width is used, while the opening stroke remains consistent. It has two opposite injection units. The second injection unit is arranged opposite to the main injection unit and is firmly attached to the moving mold clamping platen. By using the multi-daylight mold, you double output, save installation space and reduce energy consumption. Due to the separate injection unit for each stack, various colors, materials or shot weights can be used. The flexibility is increased additionally by using standard molds.

KraussMaffei MX SpinForm Easy And Quick Mould Change