For fine skin: an attractive surface in a single cycle with SkinForm

Looking for a one-shot process that creates attractive, leather-like plastic surfaces that are is gentle to the touch and feature high scratch resistance? KraussMaffei developed the answer to the great dream of every interior designer in the automotive industry long ago. Skin Form combines the advantages of injection molding with PU processing and also offers a wide variety of other applications—from premium-quality paint finishing systems via SoftTouch effects to acoustic properties or insulation options. Integration into a complete system allows for new part functions, sparing you the cost-intensive post-processing steps.

Your benefits;

  • Premium-quality parts in a one-shot cycle without post-mold processing
  • All available clamping force sizes and PU systems can be used
  • Integration in a complete system allows for functional integration

Premium-quality plastic surfaces can be manufactured in a single working step with the SkinForm process from KraussMaffei. These surfaces both look and feel like leather, making them highly coveted in the automotive industry. Due to the smart combination of a PU dispensing system and an injection molding machine, premium-quality parts can be produced in a one-shot cycle with no need for manual post-mold processing. This saves on both time and costs.

A thermoplastic substrate is injected in a first cycle. Immediately after, in the second cycle, it is flow-coated with the PU surface and is consequently finished. Once the skin has cured, the mold opens again and a robot removes the finished part. In principle, all available clamping force sizes and PU systems can be applied to the SkinForm process. Initially, the corresponding multicomponent mold concept decides on the suitable complete machine.

The SkinForm process relies on proven Multinject solutions from KraussMaffei for manufacturing composite components in many cases. Well-established multicomponent variants, such as sliders, turntables, indexing and spin platens, have been adapted for the polyurethanes used in the SkinForm process. This direct and one-of-a-kind collaboration of injection molding machinery and reaction process machinery in a single company and the extensive product portfolio for each technology provide you with easy access to processes utilizing cutting-edge technology like SkinForm.

KraussMaffei SkinForm Technology width CX

KraussMaffei SkinForm Technology width CX

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