SilcoSet: Machine technology for state-of-the-art liquid silicone processing

Sealing rings, medical tubing or baby pacifiers—liquid silicone rubber (LSR) application options are diverse with an expansive number of application industries. Parts made from this material are used in the aviation, automotive, electro/electronics and packaging industries as well as in medical technology. KraussMaffei's product line features injection molding machines operating according to the SilcoSet process specifically adapted for processing this premium-quality material. This enables you to benefit from short cycle times as well as exceptional repeatability and reliability.

Your benefits;

  • Cleanroom-compliant for exceptional part quality
  • Uniform, reproducible shot weight
  • Outstanding mechanical and elastic properties

LSR is a special material that consists of two liquid components and requires special processing. The CX and EX series of injection molding machines are used for the SilcoSet process developed by KraussMaffei. These feature screws, barrels and nozzles designed to cope with the special features of LSR and stand for high-precision part quality. Both series also meet the high requirements for cleanliness and are perfectly suited for production in a cleanroom. This provides you with a high potential for innovation manufacturing newly developed parts.

LSR processing involves supplying the raw material directly without needing to prepare a mixture. The reactive material is first produced during mixing in the processing system. The reaction runs very quickly at mold temperatures over 170 °C. The paste-like LSR components are pumped into the plasticizing unit under pressures up to 300 bar using scoop piston pumps. Both of the pumped flows come together in the static mixer. Color can then be dispensed. The special static mixing path ensures thorough mixing. Screws and non-return valves adapted to the viscosity of LSR ensure uniform and reproducible shot weights.

Liquid silicone features numerous advantages: it cures quickly and has a first-class property profile. This includes high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical and elastic properties across a large range of temperatures. SilcoSet injection molding machines from KraussMaffei let you take advantage of these properties. You can maximize the value added to your products by manufacturing composite parts using multicomponent injection molding.