Highest thermal melt homogenity and high throughput

Proven screw and check valve – Standard range

Standard plasticizing in use for  a wide range

  • Optimum melt quality
  • High throughput rate

Use of wear resistant materials

  • Long lifetime

Your benefits;

  • Lower reject rate - High productivity
  • Long component lifetime

Plasticizing competence for each material and application

Proven screw and check valve  – Specialties

Specific screws and check valves

  • Thermosets and Thermoplastics

  • Blends, Fibers, Fillers

Material specific options

  • Automatic material feeder for BMC

Your benefits;

  • Plasticizing competence center
  • Huge experience in polymer specific requirements

The right screw will help to reduce energy consumption …

BluePower „HPS screws“

  • Reduction of the melt temperature
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reducing of cycle time through shorter cooling time