Even sturdier fiber composite components thanks to FiberForm

KraussMaffei developed a multi-functional processing method called FiberForm that combines injection molding with thermoforming of composite sheets to further improve the strength of fiber-reinforced plastic parts. This is used to form seat shells and backs, instrument panel carriers, box cover, side impact protection components, technical, underhood components and semi-structural components. This opens up infinite potential for functional integration and part design since FiberForm can be combined with almost all special processes.

Your benefits;

  • Infinite potential for functional integration
  • Fully automatic production in compact manufacturing cells is possible
  • Reproducible manufacturing process with short cycle times

Using the FiberForm process from KraussMaffei, fabric made of endless fiber in a thermoplastic matrix is heated, shaped in the injection mold and then back-injected. This allows the implementation of additional stiffening in the form of ribs and the integration of additional functions. Since production fits seamlessly in an injection molding operation, the process is ideal for manufacturing lightweight structural components in large series.

Like standard injection molding, FiberForm can be easily automated. The outcome is compact, fully automated manufacturing cells. You benefit from a reproducible manufacturing process and receive parts demolded with their final contour with no post-processing required. The short cycle times are another advantage, which is common for injection molding. The values are at around 60 seconds and are chiefly determined by the cooling time in the mold.

KraussMaffei CX FiberForm Teknoloji

KraussMaffei CX FiberForm Teknoloji