DuroSet: Years of experience in efficient thermoset processing

Water pumps, belt pulleys, brake pistons, adaptive headlights or ash trays—this selection of applications shows the versatile application options for free-flowing pellets. The material in use primarily features high strength, rigidity and hardness as well as outstanding temperature resistance. KraussMaffei relies on the DuroSet process for processing these thermoset plastics. Unlike thermoplastic processing, injection molding machines featuring a plasticizing unit with a mechanical anti-rotation device are used. This ensures uniform shot weights and high reproducibility.

Your benefits:

  • Highly effective low-wear conveying systems and screws
  • The long service life of plasticizing units provides high part quality over the long term.
  • Two-platen technology offers wide process windows and high process consistency

Injection molding machines for processing thermoset feature highly wear-resistant screws without a non-return valve. This process involves injecting heat-balanced, plasticized material into the heated mold. Under the effects of pressure and heat, the material cures via chemical crosslinking (polymerization). The thermoset plasticizing unit is optimally tailored to the material used and is characterized by high drive moments, high injection pressures and low screw speeds. The barrel is temperature-controlled using liquid and provides melt temperatures suitable for the process.

The basic equipment includes functions such as mold-breathing and compression control, automatic purging and finely adjustable back pressure Pressurized water heaters accurately balance the temperature in the plasticizing barrel and the feed zone. Material is prevented from flowing back during the injection process by a mechanical screw anti-rotation device. The DuroSet process is ideal for injection-compression molding because the compression speed and the clamping force do not depend on the opening stroke.

KraussMaffei has been working with processing crosslinking plastics since 1958 and has since developed tremendous amounts of expertise in this industry that also benefits you. The DuroSet model of injection molding machines is available with clamping force sizes of 350 to 6,500 kN and allow you to profit from highly effective, low-wear conveying systems and screws. The long service life of plasticizing units guarantees long-lasting high-quality parts. On the clamping unit side, CX series two-platen technology represents robust mechanics and completely symmetrical force introduction. It offers a wide process window and high process consistency.