For a lasting shine: in-mold painting with ColorForm

KraussMaffei developed a unique, one-step process called ColorForm that allows the application of paint systems to components directly in the mold. ColorForm replaces typical painting steps and all upstream and downstream working steps, allowing you to obtain fully processed components with the finest high-gloss surface right from your production system. The paint is applied with precision in thin coats and uses minimal resources.

Your benefits;

  • Increased output of OK parts and reduced production costs
  • High scratch resistance, adjustable surface hardness and variable paint layer thicknesses
  • Minimal overspray saves significant material

The ColorForm process developed by KraussMaffei is based on a clever combination of injection molding and PU processing. This allows you to benefit from the advantages of both processes. The paint starts to harden in the closed mold, completely eliminating all of the other working steps that are typically necessary in conventional painting processes. This increases your output of OK parts and substantially reduces production costs.

ColorForm can be combined with various materials, such as thermoplastic, duroplastic or PU substrates as an alternative production concept for components with high-gloss surfaces. It allows you to showcase an incredibly wide range of colors from transparent to piano black and includes flexible color management. Both one and two-component paint finishing systems are possible here.

High-gloss surfaces with impressive depth effects

First-class product properties can be implemented with this innovative process. This produces high-gloss surfaces that draw attention with outstanding visuals, such as by presenting impressive depth effects in clear coat applications. Other advantages include high scratch resistance, an adjustable surface hardness and variable layer thicknesses.

However, ColorForm is not just impressive because of the quality of components but also because of cost-efficiency. The process-reliable one-step process and its high degree of automation provide you with more OK parts that also no longer need to be cleaned separately. The short curing times ensure quick further processing, resulting in significantly reduced logistic costs. Due to minimal overspray, a significant amount of material is saved in comparison to subsequent painting.

Color Form / Yüksek Parlak Kaplama