Highly skilled partner for innovative foam injection molding

Shorter cycle times, material reductions, high dimensional stability for parts, universal application—the so-called MuCell procedure for foaming thermoplastics, which is used primarily in the automotive and electrical/electronic industries, offers numerous advantages. KraussMaffei has mastered this innovative technology and uses its C, CX and MX series machines for it. The centerpiece is the plasticizing unit with a screw manufactured specifically for it as well as a custom-developed gas system. In cooperation with Mürdter and Trexel, the world's largest injection molding machine was equipped with 5400 tons of clamping force for physical foaming.

Your benefits;

  • 30 percent reduction of cycle time
  • 20 percent weight reduction
  • Tension-free components with very low warpage

In the MuCell injection molding process, gas—either nitrogen or carbon dioxide—is fed directly to the plastic melt as a propellant via a special plasticizing system. Patents protect this technology world-wide. To make them accessible to you, KraussMaffei uses fully regulated C, CX and MX series machines with screw position control and increased injection capacity. For the plasticizing unit, a special screw was developed and a gas system was developed.

To use the MuCell technology in your operation, you receive a complete equipment package for highly efficient manufacturing from KraussMaffei. You benefit from a cycle time reduction of up to 30 percent, a weight reduction of up to 20 percent and, most importantly, from tension-free components with very low warpage. Especially for technical and fiber-reinforced applications, the MuCell procedure is very exciting.

World's largest injection molding machine for compact and foam injection molding

The collaboration with Mürdter and Trexel is evidence of the expertise that KraussMaffei has in this innovative field. For this reason, the world's largest injection molding machine for compact and foam injection molding was manufactured for tests and series production. Using this machine, you are able to inject large-scale components compactly and compare them immediately afterwards with the MuCell process.

When using MuCell technology, KraussMaffei is on your side as a familiar, reliable machine and system provider of production systems, process engineering and application expertise. From our partners at Mürdter, you benefit from the years of experience in moldmaking for MuCell and foaming applications in connection with mold processes, and in the injection molding processing of MuCell and foam components. Trexel has made a name for itself as a development and technology partner for MuCell applications and as consultants for optimal article design.

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