BluePower for green saving – optimization for more energy efficiency

Scarce resources, rising prices and more intense competition have moved the topic of energy efficiency more and more into the focus of extrusion shops. Under the concept of BluePower, KraussMaffei has bundled the three control variables of process optimization, heating technology and drive systems while using its one-of-a-kind expertise to optimize complete processes both within individual processes as well as across technologies. With no loss of productivity you benefit from lower energy consumption and more efficient use of resources.

Your benefits;

  • Energy Analysis Tool saves up to ten percent in electricity costs
  • Economiser dynamically and decentrally compensates for the reactive power
  • Dynamic Mold Heating minimizes the mass in the mold in need of heat-balancing

EcoPac insulating sleeves from KraussMaffei, which can be retrofitted, are used to optimize the heating technology. They sustainably reduce the radiated heat losses from the heater bands to the environment. They save 40 percent of the heating energy and simultaneously reduce unproductive heat-up times by up to 30 percent. KraussMaffei's patented Dynamic Mold Heating (DMH) separates the temperature control circuits in molds. This innovation minimizes the masses in need of heat-balancing in the mold-halves and does not allow the mixing of the heating fluid with the coolant. In addition, the mold's base temperature can be reduced by using DMH, which cuts the heat lost to the environment by up to 40 percent.

Servo Drive Technology increases energy efficiency

The drive technology in injection molding machines is one of the most important control variables for higher energy efficiency. For the energy-related optimization of hydraulic drives, Servo Drive Technology uses the high dynamics of servomotors to adapt the rotational speed of the hydraulic system pump, always in conformity with the actual need. Therefore, depending on the application and machine model, the energy consumption is up to 50 percent lower than for previous solutions. With the hybrid injection unit for CX machines, KraussMaffei is relying on the combination of a hydraulic clamping unit and electric injection unit. In doing so, it opens up enormous potential here for less consumption and more output.

The all-electric AX and EX series are fundamentally energy-efficient. However, they display their potential only when clearly focused on the individual performance profile in your production: The AX is a machine for standard applications, designed systematically for high performance with the lowest possible uses of resources, while the EX is a machine for articles with high requirements on performance or cleanliness.

Regardless of clamping force sizes, series or brand, and regardless of whether the machine in question is new or already installed—the BluePower approach is effective across companies and independent of technology. KraussMaffei works closely with the scientific community and industrial partners here to implement the newest developments immediately. When steps that were once separate are consolidated into one process, it is frequently possible to make quantum leaps with regard to energy consumption and productivity.

In process optimization KraussMaffei relies on the Energy Analysis Tool integrated into the control cabinet and machine control system. It shows how changing machine settings affects energy consumption and helps the operator configure settings for optimum use of energy. This yields a savings potential of up to ten percent. With the newly developed BluePower HPS screws it is also possible to lower the temperature by means of reduced heat input into the plastic melt. Another tool is the KraussMaffei Economiser. It dynamically and decentrally compensates for what is called the reactive power, which arises on principle with electric drives in addition to the required effective power.