Adaptive Process Control Plus

APC plus stabilizes processes and maximizes profits

Thanks to years of experience and intensive research, KraussMaffei has reached the next level in consistent component quality. The patented APC technology analyzes and continuously regulates the injection mold-ing process, and can be used for all thermoplastic series.

Advantages that speak for themselves

Zero-defect production

Your benefits;

  • Substantially lower scrap rates
  • Consistently high component quality
  • Lower quality assuarence costs

Without APC plus: Significant fluctuations in component quality after material change

With APC plus: No fluctuations in component quality after material change

Cutting material costs:

Your benefits;

  • Enormous cost reduction potential
  • Easy use of a significantly higher proportion of recyclate

Easy handling:

Your benefits;

  • Simplified operation and quicker machine start-up
  • Lower standstill costs
  • Lower setup costs

Saving energy and shortening cycle times:

Your benefits;

  • Significantly lower energy costs
  • Increased production output


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